Golden State Steel and Stair, Inc. is an iron (steel) fabrication and erection company specializing in "miscellaneous" iron. We provide a combination of both "structural" and "ornamental" steel work. Our company is renowned in the San Francisco Bay Area for our attention to customer service and quality finish work.

Customer Service is our priority.

At Golden State Steel & Stair, we understand our priority is to provide the best service we can to our clients. That includes quality products at competitive prices as well as ensuring that our efforts stay in line with the client's evolving designs and schedules. We work with you to get the job done to your specifications. We take pride in offering you the best available service, the most reliable crews and the safest environment in which the work is done.


Our estimates are the basis for our proposal or bid. We document the job to the smallest element, including a detailed list of items from intricate design drawings to metal work and installation. In addition, we include quantities and line item pricing to help you manage your project budget more effectively. As our client, you know from the onset what you are getting when you work with us, down to the cent.

Design: No matter how detailed or generalized your idea of the work scope is, we will help insure that your needs are met to safety and building code specifications. Even if your initial needs are not yet wholly defined, we will take your idea and build upon that. We generate design drawings with structural engineer's calculations and stamps to help you get a clear and concise vision of what the end product and result will be.We are also happy to work with your completed design drawings. We can often suggest design changes to help reduce costs, improve function and apprearance, and improve construction sequencing. Even if no adjustments are suggested, we will take your drawings and work from them precisely to match your expected results.


We take design drawings and translate the general requirements into specific, detailed instructions for each specific steel member of the structure. Both erection and shop drawings are detailed out in full.

In addition, we also provide Field Measuring prior to fabrication. We will measure the concrete, block, wood framing, anchor bolts and other relevant pieces and compare them to the dimensions of what our drawings state the structures should be. This helps to ensure that our fabrications will fit into their proper places.

Steel Fabrication

Our fabrication shop receives the drawings from our detailing department and starts breaking down materials lists for purchasing. This also serves as a second line of review to see if changes to the customer project management or field crew might be suggested to best meet the customer's scheduling needs.

The shop provides complete fabrication capabilities, whether the materials are fabrication in house or outside processed. We complete the metal preparation, welding, assembly and finish (with prime paint or galvanzed generally). We easily adapt to jobsite conditions and changes the field crew requires and adjust final materials accordingly. The final materials are then inspected and shipped to the job site.

The shop, project management and field crews strongly complement each other by putting overall efficiency and customer satisfaction as our first priority.

Our shop adheres to and is current in UBC, AISC, ASTM ADA and OSHA. We are AWS certified in many welding procedures.

Pre-Cast Concrete Steps

Pre-Cast Concrete Steps are designed for appearance and strength to enhance residential and commerical property. Golden State Steel and Stair also provides installation of pre-cast concrete steps. We will order the steps, have them shipped to the job site and installed by our field crew. Please contact us for details.